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This is a group for anyone who feels that they suffer from loneliness. Do you ever feel when your in a room full of other people that you are the only one there. Do you find it hard to socialize and connect socially with other people. Feelings of hard to connect socially with others, talking with and relaxing around others is uncomfortable. This group is being started to allow the sharing of everyone's experiences through the stories and the support from others. Through This group we can converse, share our stories , relationships can be developed and support can be given. Through this group we can plan outdoor activities, events , trips, fund raising, volunteering as well. This group can allow us the opportunity of having the security of others being there in our lives. Disallowing this socially awkward feeling of loneliness to control our lives any longer. All types are welcomed to join, for the feeling of loneliness , ignores no one. Looking forward to connecting with others. ..

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