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We are an organization dedicated to helping you build wealth and a better future through Real Estate Investing education, networking and support.

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GCREIA Fall 2021 University

Indiana Wesleyan University - Cleveland Education and Conference Center

Teaching you how to think, not what to think!
If you are someone who has a strong interest to improve the quality of your life, we have the class for you. Our 8 week collegiate level training is specifically designed to match your natural strength to the appropriate technique that best serves you. By playing to your strength, your real estate investing career will flourish and your world will change. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in investing looking to sharpen your skills, or just someone who is changing careers and desires more out of life, this course is for you. Each class will include a great meal and a very powerful and entertaining lecture by our featured instructor.
Core topics will include: how to set your business, getting started with little or no money, which area to invest in, how to find, acquire, and rent property, how to buy-fix-flip houses for big profits, how to wholesale any property, how to profit from foreclosure properties, how to market and sell your own properties, how to deal with risk and ethical issues, how to properly negotiate any deal and much more.

As an incentive to join GCREIA, the cost for this priceless course is very affordable (see below) and payments are acceptable. If you are ever unable to attend any class you are welcome to revisit the next session at no extra cost to you. Networking and knowledge are the key to success in this industry so a free follow-up group of class graduates is included to promote growth and to ensure your ongoing success. At the end of each session, each class will vote for the most inspirational investor appropriately named “The Big Don Award”.

**This is an 8 WEEK PAID COURSE for GCREIA members. Register at:

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Syndicating in Real Estate with Jack Petrick

Holiday Inn Rockside

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