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The official Rosicrucian group of the greater Cleveland Ohio region (http://osiriscleveland.org).

Osiris Pronaos Group

The primary purpose of Osiris is to carry out the ritualistic work of the Order and to provide in-depth study opportunities for Rosicrucian members. Their secondary purpose is to aid in the Order’s mission to make the teachings available to all interested seekers.

Affiliated Bodies provide members a depth and richness of ritual not found in home sanctum study. They offer members the opportunity to participate in the Great Work of the Order through involvement in group meditation and visualization work. They provide members with the opportunity to enjoy discussions, exercises, and discourses that deepen understanding of the principles presented in the monographs. As energy and circumstances permit, Affiliated Bodies also provide engaging programs for nonmembers.

Affiliated Bodies serve as the alchemical workshop, the place where members have the opportunity to experience the joy and challenge of working and sharing devotion with others in a metaphysical and mystical context. They provide fellowship, support, and inspiration for their members and are places where tolerance, forgiveness, and patience are actively practiced.

Though Affiliated Bodies inevitably have a social character, social events at Affiliated Bodies must always be secondary to the over-riding main purpose expressed above. The Spirit of the Order must at all times be clearly manifested in an Affiliated Body, and no activities that result in inharmonious behavior or acrimonious debate may be allowed to persist.

Also see: http://osiriscleveland.org

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Evolving Happiness – Practical Ways to Increase Happiness – Part 2

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Past Imperator H. Spencer Lewis stated, "There is nothing so inspiring, so filled with peace, happiness, perfect health, joy, and contentment as the development of the spiritual nature." In this teleconference, Ese Magege will help us delve further into the qualities of the soul and how we can develop and express these divine qualities in our relationships with others. We will review spiritual alchemy and show how positive relationships can help us transmute our weaknesses and flaws into their opposite qualities. We will end with a meditation on virtues.

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Evolving Happiness – Practical Ways to Increase Happiness – Part I

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