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What we're about

This group is all about mechanical keyboards!

Who should join:

Mech enthusiast. If you spend your day on /r/MechanicalKeyboards (, if you spend half your salary ( on the next batch of Granit Keycaps (, if you're building your own Ergodox - join us and share your passion.

If you're new to MK, overwhelm with all the nuances and can't chose which switch to chose, what profile of keycaps will be most comfortable, where to buy, what bran or what model - this is the place to meet experts and get some hands-on with all the clicky gadgets that will float around.

Our meetings:

We will aim to meet once a month or two months. Our meeting are like a mechanical keyboards fair. Members will bring their beloved boards (and laptops), and let other members try them out. Each of us will have a chance to show(case\off) their keyboards and special customizations. Everybody will be able to try out all this goodness, and get better understanding on all the different models, feature and capabilities.

We also have discussions and learning sessions, where members can talk about different aspects of MKs.

Lastly, this is a good place to trade (as well as sell\buy) keyboards. So let the group know in advance what you're looking for, so people will know in advance and can bring the relevant boards (those of us with lots and lots of them...).

Other information:

This is meant to be a members' led group. It means that:

1. Anyone can initiate a meeting.

2. Co-hosts positions are open, so feel free to apply yourself.

3. Space to meet - if you have a space where we can hold our meeting - we'll be happy to hear about it.

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