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Monthly Meeting DATE TO BE ARRANGED Speaker, Hon Linda Burney MP

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Monthly Meeting DATE TO BE ARRANGED Speaker, Hon Linda Burney MP


Dear All

This is about a meeting at 7:15 pm on DATE TO BE ARRANGED (Not Tuesday 23 February 2021). Meetings of Citizens' Climate Lobby are usually held online at 7 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

I am pleased to announce that we have a guest speaker, Linda Burney MP, Federal Member for the Barton. Ms Burney has opted for 7:15.

Linda's talk is yet to be arranged, but we hope that she will tell us of her vision for the future, including a speedy and just transition to a carbon-free economy and maybe some mention of first nation management of fire.

This is an online meeting. Just before 7 pm on Tuesday 23 February 2021, please attend. CCL likes to make friends with politicians. There is nothing politicians like more than a big audience. To attend simply go to your computer or smart phone and paste or type in the top window. If this is not satisfactory, you can use an ordinary phone by dialling 1800893423 or 0280156011 or 0370182005 or 0871501149, whichever is not busy, and quoting 7868786878 (78 68 78 68 78, three 78s and two 68s).

At some stage of the meeting, we introduce ourselves, tell of any good news, and long-time members explain to newcomers how Citizens' Climate Lobby advocacy for action on climate change complements protest demonstrations.

You will have opportunities to have your say.

We entertain, educate and support each other in raising public awareness about the seriousness and urgency of acting to find solutions to the climate disruption problem by

  • proposing a brilliant method of pricing fossil fuels
  • helping each other with writing letters to newspapers and to community leaders
  • form well-thought-out strategies for meetings with community leaders, including politicians, especially to encourage consensus on the urgent need to stem carbon emissions.

Our meetings are interesting and enjoyable, even though the underlying motive is serious and the involvement of people at the "grass-roots" level has never been more important.

Hoping to see you there!

George Carrard
Co-Convenor, South Sydney Chapter, Citizens Climate Lobby Australia

George Carrard 0467004892

Co-Convenor Brian Rees 0419973952

Please do not hesitate to contact Membership Officer Howard Witt ( 0401590701) for more information about joining Citizens' Climate Lobby and options for involvement in our activities.

NSW Regional Coordinator Peter Todd 0414383350

More suggestions for agenda:

  • Progress on communicating with community leaders including politicians at all levels of government
  • Help each other to write letters to community leaders
  • Information tables at fairs and shopping centres, including "Message your MP" forms
  • Outreach
  • Educate each other on the science and politics accelerating the transition to a fossil-free economy, and the urgent need for the acceleration.
  • Exchange of ideas and experiences
  • Phone contacts
  • Show amusing video

All welcome to join Citizens' Climate Lobby. You won't be bombarded with emails. Engagement can be at any level. You can follow us on Facebook,

We need more hands on deck because the task is enormous.

Scientists' recommendation of world average 1.5 degrees of warming above the pre-industrial level will still make life very difficult for our children. World average is currently 1.1 degrees; Australian average is 1.4 degrees.

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