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What if the growing wave of interest in the 2018 elections could coalesce around climate, science, and truth? Do you believe climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity? Then JOIN. Let's work together to make 2018 a ClimateElection. At every town hall and campaign event, let's see attendees with their heartfelt messages. And let's hear candidates answer questions about climate change.

Our goal is to MAKE 2018 A CLIMATE ELECTION. We’re starting first with a Bay Area Climate Election Action Group to show how this campaign can look locally. We hope to spread the idea nationally, to races at the federal, state and local levels. We dream of making what all incumbents and contenders say and do about climate a factor for voters everywhere.

We aim for diverse people & groups & campaigns to start now to include the ClimateElection theme in what they've planned from now until Election Day. We’re NOT starting a new organization. In fact, we hope an existing coalition or new collaboration agrees on one unifying message and slogan. If it's ours, we can hand over ClimateElection.org (http://climateelection.org/) domain.

Already 350BayArea (http://www.350bayarea.org/) has endorsed this campaign. We're starting to ask for VOLUNTEERS from local chapters of Climate Reality, Sierra Club, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Citizens' Climate Lobby and other local groups.

CREATIVE? Help us make this effort go viral. We're looking for help developing messaging packages: slogans, memes, tweet samples, videos, buttons, bumper stickers, lawn signs, t-shirts. We’re excited about displaying ideas and concepts and running regular contests for the best ideas and designs.

LIKE ORGANIZING? Help work on this group and reach out to local chapters of other organizations and people around the country. We want our idea and message to used by anyone anywhere.

GOT SKILLS? Instagram-Meetup-Indiegogo-Slack-Twitter-Facebook-Wordpress-NationBuilder-UI-Mediawiki-fundraising-new-and-old-media.

LIKE RUNNING THINGS? If you or someone you know is passionate and has the time, we dream someone will step up to be a half-time ClimateElection Project Director from now until at least November.

See ClimateElection.org (http://climateelection.org/) (now just one page; barebones website real soon). Help us to get national endorsements of the ClimateElection goal: for everyone to TALK ABOUT A CLIMATE ELECTION EVERYWHERE & OFTEN.

PLEASE SIGN UP. And if you’re from outside the Bay Area, YOU’RE WELCOME TOO. After we get started, we can help you with other state/regional/local efforts.

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