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Biological Sequestration: The Role of Soil, Forests, and Farms in Carbontech
Agenda 6-6:30 registration 6:30-7:30 presentation 7:30-8 networking The international conversation about carbon removal often centers on engineered technologies such as direct air capture and product conversion. Yet the "biological" approach to sequestration—enhancing natural sinks—also has a major role to play in mitigating or reversing the negative effects of climate change... How can we improve crop yields, sustain ecosystems, create healthier soils, AND store carbon for better environmental and social outcomes? This event will deep dig into some of the fascinating biological (and hybrid) carbontech solutions that involve soil, vegetation, and biomass; from forests to farms and places in between. Join us for a panel discussion curated and moderated by: • Heidi Lim (environmental engineer, currently product manager at Carbo Culture) In conversation with our guests: • Henrietta Kekäläinen, Carbo Culture (producers of biochar for soil health, • Rory Jacobson, Carbon180 (a nonprofit which brings together the scientists, policymakers, and businesses to fundamentally rethink carbon; • David Brown, Pivot Bio (an agricultural technologist formerly with ARPA-e, Google X; • Christian Cain, farmer (regenerative grazing, organic farming) Some recent publications on soil vs. climate change: • • • • We look forward to seeing you soon! ***Unable to attend?*** We will be live streaming and recording this panel, which can be found on our Facebook page: ____________________________________________________________ About our event sponsor: Manylabs Manylabs is a nonprofit organization that fosters dialogue among science enthusiasts. We educate communities about emerging technologies, and offer support to the start-ups that develop them. We believe that climate change is an opportunity for innovation.

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