Reducing Food Waste Through Technology w/ LeanPath & Passed Plates

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According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste is the #3 action that we can take collectively to stop climate change. Two startups will present their technology to help us do just that.

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Our Schedule (if we only have 1 speaker we may end early)
6:00PM - 6:20PM - Food (BYO) and Networking in breakouts
6:20M - 6:30PM - Intro and Announcements
6:30PM - 7:15PM - Presentations and Q&A
7:15PM - 7:30PM - More Networking in breakouts

Our Speakers
Andrew Shakman -
Andrew Shakman is CEO and co-founder of Leanpath, which is on a mission to make food waste prevention and measurement everyday practice in the world’s kitchens. Andrew invented the world’s first automated food waste tracking technology in 2004, which now operates in thousands of kitchens in over 40 countries. From the beginning Andrew has worked to catalyze the global movement to address the food waste crisis. He has been featured in BusinessWeek, NPR, PBS, Forbes, New Yorker, Fast Company and many food industry publications. He has presented at the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the Culinary Institute of America, Harvard, and before hundreds of other audiences.

Rafid Sikder -
Rafid is the Co-founder and CEO of Passed Plates. Ex-data scientist @Chaldal, Ex-engineering fellow@AlterGlobal. Holds a MS in computational and mathematical engineering from Stanford and BS in applied mathematics from UC Riverside

Farhan Kathawala
Farhan is the Co-founder and CTO of Passed Plates. Ex-software engineer @SAP.iO, Ex-developer @LivelyInc. Holds a BS in computer science from Stanford

Our Companies
LeanPath -
Leanpath is a mission-driven foodservice technology company working to ensure a sustainable future by eliminating global food waste. Leanpath deploys a suite of technology and coaching tools that change root behaviors that lead to food waste. Since 2014 alone, Leanpath has helped foodservice kitchens prevent over 55 million pounds of food from being wasted. Based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in London, Barcelona and Sydney, Leanpath clients include IKEA, Aramark, Sodexo, and Google.

Passed Plates -
Passed Plates is a mobile app where you can rescue surplus food at 50% off, save money, and fight food waste.

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