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Climbing partner @ Mission Cliffs or Diablo Rock Gym
Hey guys! Giving this a try. I'm looking for a partner for Mission Cliffs or Diablo Rock Gym (one is close to home and one is close to work). I'd also be down for another Touchstone gym. I'm at about a 5.9 top rope right now myself, but that's not super important to me. Just looking for a cool climbing buddy.

Needs a location


What we're about

This meetup is for connecting with climbing partners, and it's also a meetup experiment. Instead of top-down with a few organizers arranging activities for the rest, in this group everyone is an Event Organizer so they can create new events. As a member, you can propose a meetup when and where you want the climb and then wait for RSVPs. Or, peruse the meetings already proposed and join one that is to your liking.

If an event is just you and one other person, be sure to honor your RSVP or update it if your plans change. Don't leave them hanging! :-)

Since everyone is an event organizer, other members can see the same information about you that you can see about them. Look around and make sure you are comfortable with this.

My name is Patrick. As the owner of the group, I'll keep an eye on things and make adjustments as this experiment unfolds. Send me a message if I overlook you and fail to set you up as an organizer. I hope that we can keep this group open and courteous, and that it becomes a valuable resource for all of us. Welcome!

***About MONEY*** Meetup allows you to set and take payment for meetup fees. At this time, event organizers (aka members) should NOT be attaching fees to any event. If you see this happening, please report it to me immediately. If there are costs associated with your activity, just describe them and handle it all outside the meetup group. Keep up with the forums to discuss this and other grass-roots-management issues.

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