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Summer's just around the corner! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made our Gunks Climbing Weekend (http://www.meetup.com/ClimbVedge/events/109569722/) such a huge success this Spring. Building on this, I'm really excited to announce the next of our outdoor climbing adventures. This 4th of July weekend, please join us for a trip to Rumney. We'll be leaving July 5th and returning July 7th, so that leaves us one full day and two half days of climbing.


As usual, this isn't a trip for everyone. If you've never climbed with us in the gym, please understand that there are many more variables outdoors, so we'd really prefer to climb with you indoors first. This is for safety reasons. If our climbing meetups at Brooklyn Boulders are too difficult for you to attend, just let me know, and perhaps we can work something out. I realize that our gym climbing meetups aren't practical for everyone.

Secondly, we're not guides. Some of us have gear and know how to use it. We've gone through the necessary training to build anchors and lead outdoor climbs. Still, we're here to have fun too, and so we'll expect that you'll have a certain level of proficiency. We don't want to have to worry about teaching you how to belay.


We'll be camping at Mountain Pines Campground (http://www.mountainpinescampground.com/) for $10/person/night. Of course, you'll need a sleeping bag and tent in order to camp. In addition, we'll be bringing and sharing our own food for the campfire. I'll organize who brings what as the time approaches. As always, let's not forget that this is a vegetarian group, and make it an event that we can all enjoy. As such, let's keep this event meat-free. :-)

As for the climbing, please bring gear if you have it (ropes, carabiners, etc.) You'll also, of course, be responsible for your own personal gear (shoes, harness, helmet). Rumney is all sport climbing, so you can leave your rack behind. We'll also be carpooling, so if you have a car, please let us know. Everyone will be expected to chip-in for gas. If you have neither, you're still welcome, and you can still contribute (a suggested donation of $10-20 would really help with the fee that Meetup charges for running Vedge). Of course, we'd still have to double-check that we have sufficient gear to accommodate everyone.

How do we meet?

We will meet at 6:30am in the Starbucks at the corner of 14th St and 6th Ave in Manhattan. There will be waivers to sign and we will double-check that everyone has the gear they need. We have a long 5hr drive, so it's important that we get an early start. As such, please be on time.

Forms: Vedge Waiver (http://files.meetup.com/1813231/Vedge%20Waiver.pdf)