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If you're interested in Clojure, Lisps, Emacs, Functional Programming, or just meeting with some other enthusiastic and experimental devs, come pay us a visit! We're using Clojure to build real systems and we're always looking to learn better ways of using this amazing technology.

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Overtone is a fantastic environment for creating music live at the REPL. Let's swarm-code it!

Using Liberator to Make a RESTful API for AngularJS and Other Parties

Clojure Liberator lets us create a RESTful API quickly and with less code.Out of the box it provide multiple data formats like json, html, text, csv, etc. My project is about rewriting an existing web application for testbed assets management and reservations. Assets information are either entered manually or pulled regularly from servers/equipement into a MySQL DB with remote and local scripts (in bash, expect, Python) with coordination by a Clojure program to poll in concurrent fashion. Then I use Liberator to create the RESTful API, while the actualy query from the database is using the clojure.java.jdbc. Finally there is AngularJS on the front end to consume these API data. Just to be clear, this talk is about the 'un-friendly' Liberator (using Liberator WITHOUT the friend library :). This talk will focus on Liberator, but if time permits, I could also show other part of the project that use Clojure, also how we bind the data to AngularJS view, or some database decisions that helps eliminate extra coding. Speaker Bio: A long time ago, Wismin Effendi was a Perl addict, until he abandoned Perl for Python, Python for Ruby, and finally Ruby for Clojure, SQL, a bit of Groovy, and some Python (when there are no other options :). Currently, Wismin works at TruePosition (http://www.trueposition.com/) as a Test engineer.

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