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Clojure Berlin
Hello everyone, This month we are being hosted by Nubank — thanks to the generous hosts! The following talks are planned this month: • Feeding Nubank's data lake: a short story about about datomic at scale (Nubank) (short talk) A brief journey into how Nubank's Berlin office uses clojure, datomic, core.async, and more to solve data-related problems. • Examining, improving, and benchmarking clojure.core/memoize (Giorgio Valoti) =clojure.core/memoize= is a handy function when you want to avoid paying the cost of invoking a function over and over again. However, the current implementation is subject to race conditions. In this talk we show an alternative approach that eliminates possible race conditions, and benchmark our solution against the current implementation to assess potential performance hits. Giorgio Valoti (@giorgio_v) is a software engineer currently working at Red Pineapple Media • Building a bridge between non-programmers and Clojure applications (Kirill Chernyshov) Sometimes clojure application have to provide a way to adjust business logic to non-technical people. There are not so many options to do that. I would like to present a library that should give business developers a simple and intuitive expression language for changing the rules of business logic on the fly. Kirill ( is a Lead Clojure Engineer at Xapix GmbH. When he's not busy coding... wait, he is always busy coding. Sometimes even riding a sport bikes. --- Clojure Berlin takes place once a month. This month's schedule and location are still to be determined, but will be announced soon. If you're interested in doing a presentation, please contact us. We welcome contributions on all levels (beginner to expert), on subjects ranging from Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic to more general topic interesting to the community (LISP, functional programming, programming as a profession or as a hobby). So if you're from Berlin or are in town and have a topic you'd like to discuss, please get in touch. Presentations can be full-length (up to 20 min) or lightning style. If you're interested, please get in touch via email or on twitter (! Clojure Berlin adheres to the Berlin Code of Conduct ( Your organizers, Paulus ([masked]) and Ben ([masked])

St. Oberholz

Rosenthaler Straße 72 10119 Berlin · Berlin