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Hello everyone,

Clojure Berlin takes place once a month. This month we're being hosted by Wooga - many thanks to Wooga for opening their doors for us!

1. On Midje (Phillip Mates -

Midje is an early-day testing framework in the Clojure world that has a lot to offer in terms of features: mocking, checkers, meta-constants, and auto-testing. Sadly Midje is an all-or-nothing framework that is difficult to integrate with other Clojure libraries and tooling.

In this talk I'll present a bundling of `clojure.test`-backed libraries that achieves feature-parity with Midje and allows for a composable testing setup. This bundling includes,, and

I'll discuss a bit with regards to what these libraries are capable of and share the experiences of migrating my teams micro-services to this new setup.

2. Leveraging macros to reimplement language features (Veit Heller -

Macros are loved, hated, and feared, sometimes all at once. They are
present in most Lisps, at times embraced by the community, at times not.
In Clojure, we use them to create beautiful APIs and powerful
abstractions. In this talk, we’ll discuss a few simple but powerful
macros that provide features as disparate as comments, conditionals,
lists, and local bindings, and think about the deeper philosophy of
expanding symbolic expressions.


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Your organizers,

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