What we're about

Clojure Co-Lab invites you to join our welcoming group of experienced and aspiring programmers who enjoy learning and sharing knowledge freely. We are functional programming enthusiasts, but welcome programmers and non-programmers of all variety.

The best way to learn is by doing. A large portion of each meetup will be you at your own laptop keyboard, working through lessons that are catered to your present skill level. Don't have a laptop? Come and pair up with another learner or just listen in.

Do you ever get frustrated working alone? Bring those problems to us and go home fresh and ready to rock the keyboard.

We'll experiment with our meeting agenda recipe by adjusting the ratio of group activities to individual labs. Don't like the topic of the current meeting? Show up anyway, put your headphones on and be with your people while you do your own thing.

Into Scala, Elixir, Elm, etc? Please attend a meeting and drop some knowledge on us. Even better, lead us with an 18-minute lightning talk or a 40-minute lesson.

We recommend newcomers learn gradually. One possible curriculum path for you is to start here: pathwayclojure.org (http://pathwayclojure.org/) but your path will be unique and guided ultimately by your own gut instinct. We include imperative and functional languages in our "starter" path because such diverse code is everywhere and industry literacy fosters wider learning and opportunity. And yes, we learn Clojure too.

Sound overwhelming? It can be, especially going it alone. Taking the long view helps too, as espoused in Peter Norvig's treatise on the topic: http://norvig.com/21-days.html .

We plan to meet twice a month for 3 hours each meeting. We might increase this in the future.

Clojure combines the best parts of functional and object-oriented programming in a pragmatic, powerful package. ClojureScript compiles to JavaScript, which is everywhere. We also offer curriculum suggestions and free individual support to facilitate your journey from apprentice to master.

The fact is, your presence here will enrich the group experience and increase our group intelligence, regardless of your experience and technical proficiency. Artists and dabblers are always welcome too.

Past events (12)

Tinker with Functional Programming

Richland County Library

Tinker with Clojure, ClojureScript or Datomic

Richland County Library

Mtg 9: Tinker with ClojureScript

Richland County Library

Mtg 8: Learn ClojureScript Basics

Richland County Library

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