What we're about

This is a group for Clojure enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning more about functional programming. We get together once a month to discuss all things Clojure and how best to use it to do awesome things!

All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome so don't be intimidated. There is a tonne to learn when it comes to Clojure including:

Functional Programming and LISP

Immutable data structures


Java Interoperability

Libraries like core.typed, core.async, and core.logic

Protocols and Multi-methods


... you get the idea :)

We also have a Slack channel, #clojure-ireland, in the Clojurians Slack Team (http://clojurians.net/)

Past events (68)

Suggested event: "Clojerl on the BEAM!"

Online event

Concurrency in Clojure (July 2020 Online)

Online event

Clojure Ireland (March 2020 Edition)

Against the Grain

Clojure Ireland (Feb 2020 Edition)

Against the Grain

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