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May 2013 - Clojure Users Group Meetup

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Michael Bernstein will present Graaaph (, a Clojure library designed to make it easy to consume, manipulate, and analyze JRuby's AST representation of Ruby code from Clojure. Quote from Michael: "Graaaph is motivated by my desire to bring Ruby static analysis tools into the future, learn core.logic, and stay on top of my Clojure studies."

Show & Tell: gvim

In this informal session, Noah Zucker will show off his gvim setup for Clojure and discuss the libraries he finds most helpful in helping him be productive in gvim.

On why he chose Vim, Noah writes: "I started out learning Clojure in ClojureBox (Emacs packaged with Clojure plugins) and IntelliJ, but realized I was spending too much time fiddling with Emacs and not enough doing Clojure...."

He is also looking for tips from fellow gvim users. "I'm not quite comfortable yet with surround.vim or paredit.vim, if someone who has used those wanted to grab the keyboard and demo something, that would be great."