Clojure meetup (online): web dev with ClojureScript + Firebase

Public group

Brigham Young University

· Provo, UT

How to find us, -> #clojure-provo

Location image of event venue


Welcome to Clojure Provo's first meetup! Though the location is set to BYU, we'll actually be meeting on Zoom: (thanks COVID-19). We'll also use the #clojure-provo channel on Clojurians Slack for concurrent text chat; join at

7:00 PM - intros + chat
7:15 - presentation + discussion
8:00 - more chat + solve a coding challenge

Jacob O'Bryant will give a presentation about doing web dev with ClojureScript and Firebase, something he's been doing a lot of lately.

During the presentation, feel free to use #clojure-provo to make comments/ask questions without having to wait for a break in the conversation.

After the presentation, we can continue chatting over Zoom and Slack (be sure to use threads). We'll also post a few coding challenges of varying difficulty in the Slack channel. We'll swap solutions and help each other improve our Clojure skills. This should be a great way to get your feet wet if you've never used Clojure before.