What we're about

This group is for women who:

Prefer to swap clothes rather than buy new ones.

Just Marie Kondo'ed their closet and feel guilty to throw away or donate clothes that they once cared about.

Love shopping for interesting pieces while getting to know other women and the clothes they once owned.


The events will be held in my pink & plant-filled living room, where we'll start by counting your clothes and hanging them on the racks. You can serve yourself from the wine & desert bar and get to know the other girls. Once we have everyone's clothes set up, we start swapping! You'll get to swap as many pieces as you brought, and go back home with any of your un-swapped pieces, or leave them here so we can either donate them to the yellow city bins or if we think the pieces might have a good chance of getting chosen at the next swap, we'll keep it and put it back in.

Absolutely everyone is welcome. Keep in mind that the average size at the swap is XS/M so if your are L or above, please message me and let me know so I can make sure there's at least one other person who's clothes could fit you.

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