Cloud Meetup - Craft Special Edition


Meetup program:

17:30 - Venue opens gates

18:00 - Danilo Poccia - Serverless for Developers

18:40 - Philipp Krenn - 360° monitoring of your microservices

19:20 - Networking

Event hosts: Dealogic Hungary


Danilo Poccia - Serverless for Developers

Serverless architectures simplify operations and maintenance of production applications, abstracting from the underlining infrastructure and OS. But what about development? In this session you will see some of the key points that can empower a serverless developer: event-driven design, simplification (less is more, especially for a small team), extending the functionalities of the platform, integrating new products. Examples are provided using the AWS Cloud. Tags: Serverless, Functions, Event-Driven, AWS, AWS Lambda, API Gateway


Philipp Krenn - 360° monitoring of your microservices

"With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common banter. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor Spring Boot applications, since they are increasingly popular for building microservices.

We dive into:

• System metrics: Keep track of network traffic and system load.

• Application logging: Collect and parse your logs

• Request tracing: Use Sleuth to trace requests through a distributed system.

All the data will be aggregated and visualized in Kibana, giving you an all around view of your system.