What we're about

Calling all Techies that want to know more about Cloud Data Management. We want to build a community where we discuss Industry Trends, Best Practices and anything else regarding Cloud Data Management! To grow our community we are going to kick off a series of technical workshops with presenters from all corners of Rubrik and our Partners - we like to call these BrewBrik events where we can chat in a comfortable setting with Pizza & beer (soft drinks also provided!)

Join Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist, in Rubrik’s first technical workshop, as he walks through using Rubrik’s RESTful APIs to easily put together backup validation workflows that take seconds to complete.

In this workshop, you will:

Be introduced to Rubrik’s incredibly powerful RESTful API with live demonstrations, code examples, and real workflows.

Learn how you can leverage your existing orchestration engines to build, test, and validate that your data can truly be restored.

Add data restoration workflows to your Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to completely treat infrastructure as code.

More of these workshops will follow all around the UK. We are interested in what you want to learn about so please offer your opinions!!



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