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if you are a cloud architect, DevOps engineer, or just into cloud latest trends, this is the place for you!
In this group, we will review all the hot trends and new features and tools in the cloud and DevOps world, focusing on GCP and AWS.
Please join us!

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It’s all about Kubernetes! (Kubernetes on Google cloud)

Meetup Agenda: (17:30 - 18:00) Mingling and Snacking (18:00 - 19:00) New features in Google Cloud Kubernetes security. In this session, we will explore the new features Google cloud has to offer in the Cloud security world. These features include: Secure cluster network infrastructure to isolate your Kubernetes network environment and give better control of the network’s flows, Hardened node software that will preserve a good security level on your Kubernetes infrastructure and Security log monitoring, in which you can achieve a centralized view of your infrastructure and security logs in one place. (19:00 - 20:00) Streamlining Kubernetes application CI/CD with “Bazel”. Creating a repeatable Kubernetes application deployment pipeline with the Bazel build system offers several advantages over traditional Kubernetes application CI/CD approaches. In this session, we will describe how customers use Bazel, along with its container and Kubernetes support, to deploy many different services to multiple different clusters and environments.

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