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Who are the Accountability Partners?

If you are enthusiastic about innovative technology in all of it's many cloud-based forms -- Internet of Things, self-driving cars, big data, web services, all flavors of AI -- then please join us at this Meetup.

You're a business solution provider looking for that elusive feedback loop with your own MVP -- minimum viable product -- that you can drop into a market and make some money... Maybe pennies, maybe dollars.

You're a digital tech enthusiast with a giant imagination and an action mindset and have learned the importance of sharing ideas with others who speak your language and can hold you accountable.

You're developing in AWS but are not a coder by profession, or maybe you're more familiar with Azure or Google Cloud platforms, and you know that the concepts are the most important things.

If you're either an occasional hack or a savvy pro, then this is a great place to open up a conversation.

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Cloud Inventors Group Launch Meeting

19725 Old Hwy 99 SW

Cloud Computing Geeks Olympia


Cloud Computing Geeks Olympia

Flying Top Deli & Coffee

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