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Nodeless Kubernetes

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Nodeless Kubernetes


Kubelet provides nodes to a Kubernetes system so the Scheduler can bind pods on them. What if we don't want to manage nodes? How can we use other APIs to provide compute resources to a Kubernetes system?


18:30 Welcome
18:45 What is a Kubernetes Node?
19:20 How we can run containers without nodes?
19:40 Break
19:55 Going 100% nodeless kubernetes in AWS
20:40 Networking with snacks and drinks thanks to Marfeel!


  • Welcome
    > Introduction to the Cloud Native community and Marfeel!

  • What is a Kubernetes Node?
    > Deep dive into what defines a Kubernetes node, what is a container runtime and how Kubernetes interacts with them to orchestrate containers. As usual, driven by live demos.

  • How we can run pods without nodes?
    > Introduction to managed container services, how to use them with Kubernetes and what providers are available. Live demo using the Azure Kubernetes Engine.

  • Going 100% nodeless kubernetes in AWS
    > How to run an AWS EKS cluster without a single EC2 instance.


  • Nacho Alonso
    > SRE at CAPSiDE, contributor at Kubernetes and co-organizer at Cloud Native Barcelona

  • Rael Garcia
    > SRE at Red Hat, contributor at Kubernetes and organizer at Cloud Native Barcelona gh@raelga

  • Roi Vázquez
    > SRE at Red Hat and contributor at Kubernetes gh@roivaz

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