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This meetup is for everyone interested in Cloud Native Computing; "container packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices based application development and operations".

There are currently a number of meetups that cover specific aspects of cloud native computing. This Meetup will, at times, be the home for events related to Cloud Native Computing technologies and, at other times, be a meta-meetup pointing to events from other related meetups.

The goal it to make it as easy as possible for Berlin's cloud native computing enthusiasts to learn as much about these technologies as possible.

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Move fast w/o breaking things on K8s / Day 2 Data Ops for multi cluster K8s

Cloud Native Computing Meetup Berlin is happy to partner with Container Solutions (https://container-solutions.com/) for this kubernetes centric meetup. Food will be sponsored by CNCF, space will be provided by Kinvolk & drinks will be provided by Container Solutions. --------------------------------------------- SCHEDULE: [18:30- 19:00] Arrive and mingle [19:00 - 19:45] Philipp Strube, “Introduction to Kubestack - move fast without breaking things on Kubernetes" [20:00 - 20:30] Joe Gardiner, “Day 2 Data Ops for multi cluster Kubernetes” [20:30 - 21:00] Mingle time --------------------------------------------- TALK DETAILS: “Introduction to Kubestack - move fast without breaking things on Kubernetes”, Philipp Strube Abstract: Kubestack is an open source project to help teams move fast without breaking things on Kubernetes. This talk will explain the core concepts and demo how Kubestack provides multi-cloud infrastructure as code and declarative application management using EKS, AKS and GKE. “Day 2 Data Ops for multi cluster Kubernetes”, Joe Gardiner Abstract: Joe will discuss the challenges of handling data in Kubernetes, and some of the pitfalls over data management in multi-tenant or multi-cluster deployments. He’ll then introduce STORK (STorage ORchestration for Kubernetes) - an open-source project from Portworx - and demonstrate cluster to cluster app and data migration. --------------------------------------------- SPEAKER BIO: Philipp Strube, Director of Technology at Container Solutions - Philipp has been cloud native ever since he dropped out of law school in 2008 to found cloudControl and help developers build better software faster. cloudControl was a multi-cloud container based PaaS predating Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and Kubernetes. As CEO he led the company through multiple investment rounds, its acquisition of dotCloud from Docker in 2014 and being acquired by the IaaS company Exoscale in 2016. After leaving Exoscale in 2017 and launching Kubestack.com Philipp joined CoreOS as a General Manager and held responsible for everything Europe until CoreOS was acquired by Red Hat in January 2018. Since April 2018 Philipp is Director Technology at the cloud native consultancy Container Solutions where he helps making customers successful using his 10 years of experience in product-, operations- and engineering management. When not working he enjoys driving long distances, preferably at night while more often than not listening to Tocotronic. He claims some of his best ideas were born this way. Joe Gardiner, EMEA Technical Solutions Lead at Portworx - Joe has a wide breadth of experience in the containerisation and DevOps space having previously worked for organisations such as Docker, Chef, and Rackspace. He helps businesses solve their data persistence problems for the next wave of containerisation - big data and data services. Joe has worked across sectors including finance and government to help businesses adopt new technologies.

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