Next-gen CI night


Hi Cloud Natives,

We are taking a tour in the CI landscape where members of our community will talk about their hands-on experience of their CI system of choice.

"If you don't have a CI system capable of building your application, then Kubernetes is the least of your problems. Focus on CI first."
- Kelsey Hightower

As Kelsey put it CI is a must for anything remotely Cloud Native and we are all dealing with it every day. As Markus, one of our speakers put it "they all frustrate users most of the time". Well, I tend to agree.

While Jenkins is the most widely deployed, there are several modern take on the problem and we are here to explore them.

This evening we get twenty minutes intros of four different CI solutions then we have a panel on the topic.

We are finalizing the list of speakers. Expect a subset of these:
Gitlab, Concourse, Github Actions, Google CloudBuild, CircleCI, Spinnaker,, a modern take on Jenkins

17:00 Doors open
17:15 Welcome
17:30 Gitlab CI intro by Markus Suonto
17:50 intro by Hans Duedal
18:10 Drone CI intro by Laszlo Fogas
18:30 Circle CI intro by Christian Palmhøj Nielsen
19:10 Panel
20:00 Doors close