What we're about

(Formerly the Wellington API and Microservices Meetup. We're still discussing APIs and microservices, but tech has moved on a little, and so so are we)

Cloud-native is a lot more than just signing up with a cloud provider and using it to run your existing applications or using a cool CNCF framework for your next project. It affects the architecture, design, implementation, integration, deployment, and operation of your applications and also spans the process and people of your organisation.

We regularly discuss most of the above topics with industry experts in both vendor-agnostic and vendor-specific manner. To give you an idea, we usually discuss topics such as: APIs, microservices, event streams, service meshes, domain-driven design, serverless, containers, DevOps, observability, connectivity security, decentralisation, and deployment across dynamic environments such as public, private, hybrid and multi-clouds.

We facilitate expertise-sharing with a diverse community from technology leaders and architects to future-facing beginners. We usually provide refreshments, and we always encourage interaction and debate at events.

Past events (5)

Data hunter-gatherers in the native cloud era

IntegrationWorks, Aon Centre

Microservices Security landscape

Aon - Wellington

Microservices Perspectives – To code? Or Low-Code?

Aon - Wellington

Event driven architecture in Microservices

Aon - Wellington