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Cloud Native London, November 2021

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Cheryl H. and Hubert B.
Cloud Native London, November 2021


Hi folks!

Join us at our November Cloud Native London meetup on Rambly to hear from our three fantastic speakers and network with your fellow techies.

6:45 Kick off
7:15 Permissions in your cloud-native product (Or Weis, Authorizon)
7:45 Log Everything! (Bjorn Graabek, Humio)
8:15 Break
8:30 Stateful Functions: Flexible like a Microservice, Consistent like a Monolith (Seth Wiesman, Ververica)
9:00 Wrap up

This meetup will be hosted by Hubert Bosiacki. Stay safe!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Permissions in your cloud-native product (Or Weis, Authorizon)
Modern applications are constantly becoming more complex, and more distributed, especially working with microservices. The days of managing all your access in one monolithic solution (e.g. Spring, Django, Rails) are dead and gone. New standards are emerging: from decoupling your policy and code, syncing everything in realtime, connecting to distributed data sources, and of course bringing Gitops into the picture.
We’ll cover all these and more, including the best practices, and the open-source projects you can use today to stay up to date - from OPA, to OPAL, and Google Zanzibar.

Developer and Entrepreneur. Rich R&D and cybersec experience. Founder and ex-CEO at Founder and CEO at Find him on: Twitter: @orweis / LinkedIn:

Log Everything! (Bjorn Graabek, Humio)
IT monitoring has always been a big data problem, but the availability of the necessary technology, storage capacity and processing power is somewhat recent. Although all three are now available to deal with IT monitoring as a big data problem, speed, scale or cost still keeps organisations from logging everything. Enter Humio.

Bjorn Graabek is a sales engineer at CrowdStrike, focusing on Humio, a purpose-built, modern log aggregation, storage, and analysis tool.

Stateful Functions: Flexible like a Microservice, Consistent like a Monolith (Seth Wiesman, Ververica)
Microservice architectures have taken the world by storm, allowing teams to develop, deploy, and manage components independently. Modern infrastructure has accelerated this trend as tools like Kubernetes and AWS Lambda makes it easier than ever to deploy multiple services. However, organizations have found this flexibility comes at a cost; it is difficult to reason about correctness and consistency. Stateful Functions is the newest addition to Apache Flink. It brings broad support for building event-driven applications by bridging the monolith/ microservice divide. As a result, organizations no longer have to sacrifice flexibility for correctness by using an SDK that allows developers to build and maintain components independently, with a runtime that provides consistency between services automatically. This talk introduces Stateful Functions, explores core concepts, and shows how it simplifies common operational challenges through real-world examples of event-driven applications.

Seth Wiesman is a Committer on Apache Flink working on the Stateful Functions project, Flink's documentation, and the State Processor API. As a Solutions Architect at Ververica, he works with engineering teams inside of various organizations to build the best possible stream processing architecture for their use cases. Find him on Twitter:

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