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Kubernetes Operators Delivered with KUDO

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Andrew R. and David S.
Kubernetes Operators Delivered with KUDO


We will open the door at 6:00
Have drinks and pizza until 6:30, then the talk will start.

One of the challenges of orchestration tools such as Kubernetes is determining who works for who. It is easy to deploy a suite of applications into a cluster, but how do you manage the order and logic of provisioning, upgrading, or failure recovery? Is this left to humans manned with pagers? Operators were introduced a couple of years ago as the solution to this problem in the Kubernetes eco-system.

This talk will walk through the basics of Kubernetes APIs and Customer Resource Definitions (CRDs) which underpins the required basic understanding. We will identify the solution that operators provide with a look at the early stage sdks and frameworks. We will then focus on Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator (KUDO) which is intended to be a declarative approach to create new operators. Attendees will leave with knowledge of how smooth building a new operator can be.

Presented by.... Ken Sipe, who is a Distributed Application Engineer at Mesosphere working on the Orchestration team. Ken is a committer on the KUDO project, the universal Kubernetes operator. Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering and has been honored with JavaOne Rockstar Award. Ken is also an Apache Mesos contributor and an Apache committer on Marathon, Metronome, HDFS, Cassandra and Kafka Apache Mesos framework projects.

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