• Introduction to Microservices


    Details REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cloud-native-meetup-in-nyc-introduction-to-microservices-tickets-64522744265 Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Food and drinks 6:30 - Welcome 6:40 - Introduction to Microservices by Rajeev Kuruganti, Cloud-Native Solution Architect at Altoros 7:20 - Q&A break and wrap-up Details: During Rajeev's talk, you will learn about: - What is a microservice? - 8 aspects of Microservices - Microservice Patterns - Benefits and Challenges of Microservices Speaker: Rajeev Kuruganti is a Cloud-Native Software Architect and trainer at Altoros and migrates monolithic applications to the cloud following best practices such as TDD, pair programming, and 12 factors. He has 20+ years experience in designing and developing enterprise applications in various industries. Stay tuned! Location: Pivotal - 636 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10011

  • Cloud-Native Applications - 12 Factors & Beyond

    REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cloud-native-meetup-in-nyc-cloud-native-applications-12-factors-beyond-tickets-61218807100 Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Food and drinks 6:30 - Welcome 6:40 - Cloud-Native Applications - 12 Factors & Beyond by Rajeev Kuruganti, Cloud-Native Software Architect at Altoros 7:20 - Q&A break and wrap-up Details: During Rajeev's talk, you will get answers to such questions as: - What are cloud-native applications? - What are the 12 factors? - Are there only 12? - How do the 12 factors relate to microservices? You will be also shown some code and demo on how our sample apps adhere to a few of the 12 factors Speaker: Rajeev Kuruganti is a Cloud-Native Software Architect and trainer at Altoros and migrates monolithic applications to the cloud following best practices such as TDD, pair programming, and 12 factors. He has 20+ years experience in designing and developing enterprise applications in various industries. Location: Pivotal 636 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10011 Stay tuned! To sponsor, speak or co-organize future events, please fill in the following form: https://forms.gle/brRToCNEDxmhKNb26

  • Hands-On Meetup in NYC: The Cloud Foundry Troubleshooting Challenge

    REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meetup-in-nyc-using-kubernetescf-stack-as-a-part-of-blockchain-cicd-pipeline-tickets-59318425006 Agenda 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Food and drinks 6:30 - Welcome 6:40 - Hands-on: The Cloud Foundry Troubleshooting Challenge – Yauheni Kisialiou & Konstantin Burtsev, Altoros 7:30 - Q&A break and wrap-up HANDS-ON>>>The Cloud Foundry Troubleshooting Challenge In this hands-on meetup, participants will attempt to troubleshoot as many applications running on Cloud Foundry as they can. To keep it challenging, the applications will have bottlenecks hidden in different areas, such as in the configuration, in the code, or in the infrastructure. Why attend? You will see how to deal with real-life Cloud Foundry apps issues from the operator experience perspective. Attendees are expected: - to bring a laptop and work with a console - to be Linux or Mac user - to have installed Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI), Vim / Nano - to have basic knowledge of any programming language Speakers Yauheni Kisialiou, Cloud Foundry Engineers of Altoros. Yauheni specializes in enterprise cloud platform support and automation and has 8 years of experience in cloud administration and building cloud systems. Yauheni is highly adept at creating BOSH releases and utilizing it for deploying Cloud Foundry and other services. Now, he is part of the team working on container orchestration enablement for a leading insurance company. Konstantin Burtsev, Cloud Foundry Engineer, Altoros. He has over 12 years of experience in IT, including distributed systems administration, monitoring systems, and Cloud Foundry related activities. Konstantin is experienced with a wide range of operating systems, including RHEL, IBM AIX, etc. In addition, he is an IBM Tivoli certified specialist. He has a strong expertise in planning Cloud Foundry deployments and deploying the PaaS on a variety of infrastructures (e.g., OpenStack, VMware) and also in enabling continuous integration with Jenkins CI and Concourse CI. Venue Pivotal Office 636 6th Avenue 2nd Floor New York, NY 10011 USA F&B sponsor - Altoros Altoros is a professional services company that helped 50+ Global 2000 organizations to obtain sustainable competitive advantage through adoption of innovative technologies. We offer methodology, training, technology building blocks, and deep industry knowledge for cloud automation, microservices, blockchain, and AI. As a Kubernetes adept, Altoros delivers full-scale solutions for Fortune 500 enterprise companies, enabling them with resilient, highly available deployments and transforming the future of software development.

  • 2019 Spring Boot Updates / Q&A Panel Session

    We are kicking off the year by getting the Spring Boot team together to give us the latest updates for 2019, followed by 30-45 minute Q&A panel session on Wednesday night (1/16) from 7-8pm at the Pivotal NYC office. This will be your chance to ask your Spring Boot questions directly to the team building it! Link to the registration page where you can submit questions for the panel ahead of time: https://connect.pivotal.io/QA-Panel-Session-with-the-Spring-Team.html

  • YugaByte DB—A Planet-Scale Database for Low Latency Transactional Apps

    It is well understood that microservices are multi-cloud deployable in an active-active mode. The challenge has always been the data tier powering the apps which has remained as a high-latency, hard-to-scale master-slave RDBMS for a long time. Multi-master deployments as well as the use of a separate NoSQL DB for multi-region data distribution are simply band-aids to this problem and do not deliver the desired business outcomes. YugaByte DB, a planet-scale, highly performant, ACID compliant and transactional Database is a startup founded by the engineers who were instrumental in creating Cassandra inside FaceBook. Alan Caldera will be presenting YugaByte DB running across multiple datacenters in Pivotal Container Service (PKS) with a live demo of a large scale ecommerce app powered by Spring Framework. The talk will also highlight the distributed transactions capabilities with global consistency and tunable reads as well as ease of use for developers using familiar Spring Data Cassandra and Redis modules. About Alan Caldera: Alan Caldera is a Solutions Engineer at YugaByte. Alan has many years of experience as a developer, architect and consultant specializing in database systems. He is passionate about database extensibility and building scalable transactional systems. Alan previously worked at InfluxData, ParAccel (creator of Amazon Redshift) which was acquired by Actian, and IBM, where he specialized in Informix and DB2. He has a B.A. in Computer Science from Indiana University. References: https://www.yugabyte.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0neiV7Qbwgg&t=128s Location: Pivotal (2nd Floor) 636 6th Avenue, New York, NY

  • Cloud Foundry Monitoring using Datadog


    If you don’t measure a system, there is no way to improve. This is true regardless of the platform. But how do you measure the health of your Cloud Foundry environment as well as the applications you have running on it? In this talk, Matt Williams from Datadog talks about what a good metric looks like and the different perspectives required to get 100% observability. We will cover the basics of observability and then get into a live demo monitoring a Cloud Foundry environment and its applications. You will come away with a simple framework you can use to think about metrics, and how to apply that framework to Cloud Foundry. Speaker - Matt Williams is one of the Evangelists at Datadog and an organizer of DevOps Days Boston. He is passionate about the power of monitoring and metrics to make large-scale systems stable and manageable. So he tours the country speaking and writing about monitoring with Datadog. When he's not on the road, he's coding. You can find Matt on Twitter at @Technovangelist.

  • Effective DevSecOps in the Enterprise


    Abstract The DevOps revolution has created an opportunity to reshape enterprise security. Embrace this movement properly, and you can materially improve security posture. In this talk, Justin outlines a common-sense approach that embraces DevOps and improves enterprise security posture. Topics follow the familiar Culture, Automation, Lean, Metrics (CALM) DevOps initialism, but are specifically geared towards security & security teams. Speaker Bio Justin Smith is the Chief Security Officer for Pivotal products. Justin oversees the security of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and related offerings. Since joining Pivotal in 2015, Justin has been the driving force behind Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s rise as the gold standard for security in modern cloud platforms. He is the visionary and primary advocate behind The Three R’s of Enterprise Security, an approach to cloud-native security, which was featured in ThoughtWorks 2017 Technology Radar and has become a benchmark for mitigating risk in technology. Prior to Pivotal, Justin served in senior security product management roles at both Google and Microsoft. Justin’s work has touched many aspects of modern digital life, including mobile device security, API gateways, software development tools, enterprise cloud platforms, smart TVs and gaming platforms. His experience and technical depth make him one of the foremost experts in cloud security. He’s been a featured speaker at events all over the world and has been published in multiple global tier-one media. Justin holds an engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. Agenda [masked]:00 pm : Pizza, Networking 7:00-8:00/8.30 pm : Event 8:30-9:00 pm : Networking

  • How to Create Microservices without Chaos using Spring Cloud & Netflix OSS

    In this session, learn how to use proven patterns & open source software to rapidly build a robust portfolio of microservices that provide a solid foundation for your dynamic and growing microservice architecture. This session addresses vital points such as: * Configuration services * Microservice registration and discovery * Circuit breakers for graceful degradation * Load balancing and intelligent routing * Asynchronous messaging * Reactive services, events, & backpressure The presenter will demonstrate how to develop & effectively manage microservices using OSS tools employed by Netflix to keep movies streaming globally 24x7. Speaker Bio Mark Heckler is a Spring Developer Advocate, conference speaker, and published author focusing upon software development for the Internet of Things and the Cloud. He has worked with key players in the manufacturing, retail, medical, scientific, telecom, and financial industries and various public sector organizations to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. Mark is an open source contributor and author/curator of a developer-focused blog (http://www.thehecklers.com) and an occasionally interesting Twitter account (@MkHeck). Agenda [masked]:00 pm : Pizza, Networking 7:00-8:00/8.30 pm : Event 8:30-9:00 pm : Networking

  • Spring Days 2017

    Microsoft Technology Center

    Hello, Cross posting from Spring User Group for all the Spring enthusiasts in this community. Please note that registration via the link below is required for all attendees and the cost is $200. It is not enough to RSVP to the meetup invitation in order to attend. Spring Days is a 2-day event for the Spring community, by the Spring community. Cloud computing ushered in a software renaissance, and while there has never been a better time to be a developer, technology evolves at an overwhelming speed. Spring has never been more relevant but is also rapidly advancing - adding flexibility to the programming model for cloud-native, reactive and functional workloads. Over the course of 2 days, the community will share presentations and participate in open discussions about all things Spring. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and share with members of the Spring community. Please note that registration on in the link below is required for all attendees and the cost is $200. It is not enough to RSVP to the meetup invitation in order to attend. Call for Papers: We welcome our community members to submit a proposal for a talk. Please consider sharing your experience using any of the Spring projects. https://www.springdays.io/ehome/spring-days/submit Schedule and Registration: https://www.springdays.io/ehome/spring-days/new-york (https://www.springdays.io/ehome/spring-days/atlanta) Location: Microsoft Technology Center 11 Times Square, 6th Floor New York, NY 10036

  • Building Products for the Cloud


    Hi Everyone, Cross posting from Voices Of Product Meetup : https://www.meetup.com/voicesofproduct/events/239949029/ If you are a software engineer interested in learning best practices for designing and building cloud-native products, or a technically interested Product Manager who wants to know more about what the cloud is all about -- join us on Thursday evening for an engaging presentation by the exceptional speaker Reshmi Krishna, a Senior Cloud Application and Platform Architect at Pivotal, Inc. AGENDA 6:00pm Doors open 6:30pm Presentation 7:15pm Q&A and mingle 8:00pm Wrap up PRESENTATION DETAILS Applications that runs on the cloud have a lot of benefits including tighter feedback loops with users through faster deployments, individual scaling, faster recovery, etc. However, when we are building these cloud-native applications, we also need to think about challenges like configuration management in the cloud, load balancing, service registry, latency analysis. In this presentation, we will talk about industry wide best practices for designing your applications for the cloud along with available technologies for overcoming the challenges. We will also discuss the design patterns and tools available to us like 15 Factor App, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud. At the end, you should feel empowered to build scalable, resilient cloud native applications that can run on any cloud infrastructure. SPEAKER Reshmi Krishna Senior Cloud Application and Platform Architect @ Pivotal, Inc. Reshmi Krishna (@reshmi9k) is a Senior Cloud Application & Platform Architect with Pivotal, where she works with Cloud Foundry and helps customers transform the way they build software. Previously, Reshmi was a software engineer with investment banks and startups on Wall Street. Reshmi has presented in various conferences and meetups like Oreilly’s Velocity (New York), Spring One Platform(Las Vegas), Spring User Group (NY). She also supports various conferences and causes for diversity, including Women in Tech and the Society of Women Engineers, and participates in the Grace Hopper Conference for Women.