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Bei unserer Cloud Native Night geht es um das Design von Cloud Plattformen und die Entwicklung verteilter Anwendungen, mit dem Ziel fehlertolerante, elastisch skalierende und agile Produkte zu ermöglichen. Zuhause sind wir im gesamten Cloud Native Landscape mit Kubernetes et. al. und bauen Anwendungen bevorzugt mit Java und Go.

Unser Hashtag: #cloudnativenerd
Die Slides zu unseren Meetup Talks gibt es auf Slideshare: slideshare.net/qaware


Our Cloud Native Night is about designing cloud platforms and developing distributed applications with the goal of enabling fault-tolerant, elastically scaling and agile products. We are at home in the entire Cloud Native Landscape with Kubernetes et. al. and prefer to build applications using Java and Go.

Our Hashtag: #cloudnativenerd
Get the slides of our Meetup talks at Slideshare: slideshare.net/qaware

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Kill Cloud Bill with AI feat. StormForge

QAware Mainz

Join our Cloud Native Night Meetup with Niels Roetert from Stormforge and our colleague Alex Krause.

*** AGENDA ***

  • 6.30 PM | Doors open. Grab some snacks & drinks.
  • 6.45 PM | Welcome & Intro
  • 7.00 PM | KILL Cloud BILL: Common Patterns and Tips to Reduce your Cloud Bill, Alex Krause, Software Architect at QAware
  • ~7.45 PM | Put the ‘Auto’ in Autoscaling – Make Kubernetes VPA and HPA work together for optimal resource provisioning, Niels Roetert Solutions Architect at StormForge
  • afterwards: More snacks & drinks, and a lot of time for networking with all attendees and speakers.


KILL Cloud BILL: Common Patterns and Tips to Reduce your Cloud Bill
The cloud is affordable - IFF you know the pricing models, your current and future resource consumption, the difference between alternative services and configuration options and planned your migration carefully. Unless there is a substantial amount of experience within the design team, the overwhelming complexity and variety of options often lead to workloads with huge cost saving potentials. Unfortunately the resulting infrastructure is rarely reviewed later on.This is not a talk about reserved instances or FaaS, but instead about common patterns, small tricks and other things people miss when first building products in the cloud that help you reduce your cloud bill.


Put the ‘Auto’ in Autoscaling – Make Kubernetes VPA and HPA work together for optimal resource provisioning
Without autoscaling, most companies recognize they’re either wasting a lot of resources or risking performance/reliability issues. There’s no way to effectively set resource requests unless your actual usage is completely flat. A way to solve this is by having knowledgeable people look at it all day to make adjustments, or you can just take the financial hit or the risk of instability. Alternatively one can use technology like machine learning to solve the issue with high accuracy and little to no effort. In this talk we'll inform you and demonstrate to you this last option.

*** SPEAKER***

Alex Krause is a software architect at QAware. He is passionate about scalable platform engineering in conjunction with cloud-native microservices.

Niels Roetert is a Solutions Architect at StormForge. During his 30+ year career in IT he has worked as a UNIX administrator, systems engineer, sales engineer and director of sales engineering at various companies including EMC, Tintri and Cloudian. Niels began his career with a focus on big iron running UNIX, then later dove into Linux, and
is now immersed in the world of Kubernetes and microservices.


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