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Online Meetup: Build a rock-solid foundation under your OpenStack cloud

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Building cloud infrastructure requires a rock-solid foundation. In this hour, Rob Hirschfeld will demo automated tooling, specifically OpenCrowbar, to prepare and integrate physical infrastructure to ready state and then use PackStack to install OpenStack. The OpenCrowbar project started in 2011 as an OpenStack installer and had grown into a general purpose provisioning and infrastructure orchestration framework that works in parallel with multiple hardware vendors, operating systems and devops tools. These tools create a fast, durable and repeatable environment to install OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, Hadoop or other scale platforms. Rob will show off the latest features and discuss key concepts from the Crowbar operational model including Ready State, Functional Operations and Late Binding. These concepts, built into Crowbar, can be applied generally to make your operations more robust and scalable.


As founder and community lead of the OpenCrowbar project, Rob Hirschfeld is working with a start-up team to form RackN. That company will provide support, consulting and commercial extensions to the community project. Investor and customer inquires are welcome. Rob is also serving as a community Board member for the OpenStack Foundation. A position he was elected to fill in 2012 and 2013. On the board, Rob chairs the DefCore committee.

Until Oct 2014, Rob worked for Dell, Inc as a Sr. Distinguished Architect. In that role, he help Dell set strategy for cloud computing, bring interesting cloud solutions to market, and talk with customers about their cloud deployments.

We are hosting our Cloud Online Meetup at 9.00 - 10.00 am Pacific!

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