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This is a group for anyone interested in knowing Cloud Solutions- Platform as a Service(PaaS) . I started this group because to meet startups, academia, developers, Cloud Enthusiasts. Looking forward to meet you

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4/7 Series: COVID-19 Data Analytics Microservices Application with OpenShift

Hey Folks, thanks for attending the first 3 workshops where we learned about was Cloud-Native Development, Microservices, Architecture of our Covid-19 Data Parse, dockerizing our application and managing with OpenShift Take a quick look at the topics for the hands-on workshop. Agenda: -------------- In this section you will learn: -Why OpenShift? -Kubernetes vs. OpenShift -Developer productivity -Deploy on OpenShift via CLI Pushing image to registry Create deployment Expose -Deploy on OpenShift via Console OpenShift Console Builder Images S2I (Source to Image) Joining us for the 4th workshop will be Sudharshan Govindan, Developer Advocate, IBM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sudharshang/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have seen a range of data published on the impact of various parameters on the spread of covid-19, including population density, the average number of people per household, ethnicity, weather data, etc. Have you ever wanted to run your own analytics on covid-19 data, and examine data sets in order to draw a particular conclusion? Or possibly evaluate a theory, that may or not may not be true. Such analytics could potentially shed light on the impacts of various factors, and you can apply them to a variety of problems. Maybe you'd like to see the impact of temperature and humidity on the spread of COVID-19 in different countries? This is a multi-part workshop series on building, deploying, and managing microservices applications with Kubernetes and openshift. Our workshop series is around COVID-19 data retrieval, parsing, and analytic. This is a series of 7 x hands-on workshops, teaching you how to retrieve COVID-19 data from an authentic source, make them securely available through REST APIS on Kubernetes and Openshift. The primary applications are developed in Java Spring Boot, but we will add more features and apply analytical services on the data in the form of microservices written in different programming languages. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Join Slack for QnA: http://ibm.biz/dev-community -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/openshiftrsvp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Watch live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ibmdevindia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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