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CSA-DV Moving from Meetup to Better Serve Our Members

Dear Fellow CSA-DV Chapter Members,

I am hoping that everyone and their loved ones are out of harms way and well thoughout these challenging times!

The Cloud Security Alliance - Delaware Valley Chapter began reaching out to the Meetup community in December 2017. Our following, growth in membership, and event participation has been exponential and can't thank you enough!

In order to serve the Cloud Security community in the Delaware Valley better, our chapter would like to invite each and everyone of you to join us (CSA-DV) on the following (FREE) Local and Global CSA communities:


https://www.csa-dv.org/newslettercontact-us/newsletter (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8ZdwfK-2BSfIyShP3ma05iR4PL8WqE1na7X1gmDaT9udFvMFdm-2BLKBz9NwsLuOO3Z5DKqg-3D-3DQV-3_62i4ZQidJAut2vx9TYnJ8zK2IZCf9nCU8qlJiVplcCge7HSpAL0nAnwqhhkNR0jU9Nzku1oOvGnyX23YfBvtCRwrhXA7g-2F6eYjRjQNPVyWedMEZkA6K9vXeq4V7PCJLkuBds5n9-2FOSNzq0YhxfqSpNpN4nTSnG6AJpFoelFKQulX-2FQDmDzy5gLk3wynzOmk0YHvnvPqUdp-2FPNMvpap-2Bc11s-2B7vTKyyEJSfxhx2r90kc-3D)

- This is CSA-DV 's Chapter Website's Newsletter page to connect locallyGLOBAL:

https://circle.cloudsecurityalliance.org/home (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd0OS5cxZIzSuf2MoUx22NqmcnrmOauk6mGkXqSfQ1E8PJvfiju4OajfAp3FGwYnpsg-3D-3DxyIb_62i4ZQidJAut2vx9TYnJ8zK2IZCf9nCU8qlJiVplcCge7HSpAL0nAnwqhhkNR0jU9Nzku1oOvGnyX23YfBvtCUsvPu-2BN2CrkKYk0LDLOkY42dGQWqmQwoKKNJLeIJ9FdEDS0zHzD0l7htPJrMPNMFozC-2BojHFPIVIe1dO4wg65hkdymcMaf3MOT2YSj3-2BTyf2LM1WrQCbfMS7Y7ia-2BsriRsZu5TzpDJY7fgiJ4QyP7Q-3D)

- This is the CSA Global Community Website to connect globally. When registering, please join the Delaware Valley Chapter's Circle.

As of August 22, 2020, the Cloud Security Alliance - Delaware Valley (CSA-DV) Meetup Webpage will no longer be in service. Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to getting connected with you on the Websites listed above.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at rwilner@csa-dv.org .

Stay well and connected!

Yours Truly,

Rob Wilner

CSA-DV Chapter President

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