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We cover all Cloud-related technologies: virtualization, cloud computing , storage, networking, etc. We are interested in how big-data workloads impact the cloud infrastructure. Special emphasis on open-source projects.

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Scalable Data Streaming with Benthos

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Benthos (https://www.benthos.dev/) is an Open Source stateless data streaming engine written in Go and packaged as a static single-binary command line tool. Through an embedded DSL called Bloblang, it allows users to express complex transformations of structured data, such as filtering, schema migrations and validations. Its Go API allows users to import Benthos as a library and extend it through custom plugins. Both real-time streaming and batch ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows are supported and Benthos can run them efficiently and reliably at scale. Additionally, Benthos Studio (https://studio.benthos.dev/) is an application which provides visual editing and testing capabilities for Benthos pipelines. The vibrant Benthos contributor community is constantly adding new features and driving improvements and everyone's welcome to join.

About the Speaker
Mihai is a seasoned software engineer and tech lead focused on data streaming, scalability and infrastructure. He is currently working at Optum where he is designing, building and scaling distributed microservices for data streaming products running on Kubernetes. He is a contributor to Benthos (https://www.benthos.dev/), the stream processor of choice for mundane tasks. For further details about his background, please consult his LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtodor and GitHub https://github.com/mihaitodor profiles.

The Jabberwocky of Network Cloudification

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During the last decade we have witnessed the evolution of networks to incorporate and adapt to cloud technologies. The first steps were self-evident, focused on control and data plane separation, control programmability (with SDN), and the use of cloud-based versions of the functions in the control plane (with NFV). But these first steps led to the evolution of networks into pervasive infrastructures, able to dynamically adapt to different workloads and usage patterns while being sustainable in economical and ecological terms. These new challenges require a radical rethinking of how networks are built, operated and used. And simply offloading functionality to “the cloud” will not be enough. New times will require a new approach to how the network and its services evolve into a cloud-like environment, and converge with current cloud infrastructures and services.

About the Speaker
Dr. Diego R. Lopez joined Telefonica I+D in 2011 as a Senior Technology Expert, and is currently in charge of the Technology Exploration activities within the GCTIO Unit. Before joining Telefónica he spent some years in the academic sector, dedicated to research on network services, and was appointed member of the High-Level Expert Group on Scientific Data Infrastructures by the European Commission. Diego is currently focused on applied research in network infrastructures, with a special emphasis on virtualization, data-driven management, new architectures, and security. Diego is an ETSI Fellow and chairs the ETSI ISGs ZSM (on network automation) and PDL (on distribute ledger technologies), and the NOC of ETSI ISG NFV.
More can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr2lopez/

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