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Apache BarCamp Conference and Hackathon at PES Institute of Technology

Hosted by CloudStack India - Bangalore Chapter

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Hello Bangalore,

Exciting news for those interested in Open Source: a one-day event and Hackathon from Apache Software Foundation (Apache.Org)!

On Saturday 30th March, Bangalore's first ever Apache BarCamp and Hackathon is happening. This "unconference" is like a giant, day long meetup on the major Apache projects, how Apache works, and how to get involved. All under one roof !!

If you're interested in Apache CloudStack, Apache Hadoop, GSOC, The Apache Way, or any of the other Top Level projects, this day is for you! We'll have talks all day, covering these topics and related ones, and during the afternoon we'll also host a Hackathon on Apache CloudStack.

If you'd like to help out, please let's know. We're after people to help with:
(manning the desk, helping produce copies of the schedule etc.)
-Setting up whiteboards, schedule charts, projectors etc


Registration : 9.30 AM

Welcome: 10.00 AM

Scheduling: 10.15 AM

Lunch Break: 1.00 PM

Hackathon: 2.00 PM

Closing: 5.00 PM


Here are the themes:


Here is an opportunity to present lightning talks around any subject of your choice for around 30 minutes.


The Apache Way How Does Incubation Work? Google Summer of Code

Challenges in Offering Hadoop as a Service in Cloud

Mayank Ajuja, Hadoop Hacker, Quoble

The cloud reduces the barrier to entry for many small and medium size enterprises into analytics. Hadoop and related frameworks like Hive, Oozie, Sqoop are becoming tools of choice for deriving insights from data. However, these frameworks were designed for in-house data-centers which have different tradeoffs from a cloud environment and making them run well in the cloud presents some challenges. We've extended Hadoop to scale cluster size depending on workload. Furthermore, the scaling algorithm exploits different pricing models offered by cloud providers. Cloud storage is extremely reliable but has higher latency. We've also included I/O optimizations to reduce or eliminate some of these I/O costs. In this talk, we describe the challenges behind offering Hadoop as a service in cloud.


Building, Managing, and Troubleshooting Cloud Powered by Apache CloudStack

Sailaja Mada, Apache CloudStack Hacker

Hacking CloudStack with DevCloud

Rajesh Battala, Apache CloudStack Hacker

In this part of the session, developers will get an opportunity to browse through CloudStack source code, build CloudStack and setup their own development environment using DevCloud. Come equipped with your laptop and the tools listed below, and enjoy hacking with fellow CloudStack developers.

DevCloud is a virtual appliance sandbox environment for developing on CloudStack. DevCloud runs on opensource VirtualBox and is based on Ubuntu 12.04, opensource xen server, a NFS server, MySQL server and comes with Java and other build tools preinstalled on it.

Prerequisites on your development laptop:

• Host OS: GNU/Linux 2.6+, Mac OSX 10.6+, Windows7 (Note: 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04+ or Mac OSX 1.7+ with XCode are recommended).

• Hardware: 2GiB RAM, x86_64 processor with Intel-VT or Amd-V, 8GiB of free disk space

Java IDE of your choice:

• Eclipse: Juno for Java Developers

• IntelliJ IDEA CE: 11.0

Tools (will also be provided, welcome to come pre-loaded):

• ant: 1.8.4 with jsch[masked] or later

• maven: 3.0.4 (pre-populated ~/.m2/repository will be provided)

• mkisofs: 3.00

• java/jdk: 1.6