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We are Cloudegy Denver. We are headed to the Cloud together. Whether you're a cloud evangelist or committed to having the last completely private data center standing, we're all headed to the cloud in one way or another. Innovative business leaders in Denver who are committed to solving real business problems with cloud technologies know that Cloudegy is a place where you can learn and strategize with peers. We recognize that on-premise and hybrid solutions have their places and that each of you needs to make informed decisions for optimal experiences for your constituent users and your organization's unique needs. We're here to help. None of us knows all the answers. So every few months our Cloudegy sponsors host an immersive experience for a limited number of attendees in a hands-on walk through of industry-leading cloud solutions.

We're not talking about just a PowerPoint and some smoke and mirrors. Cloudegy is an intensive forum where innovators come to expand their knowledge and experience beyond the limits of the tools they've already deployed back at the office. At a Cloudegy immersion event, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest cloud technologies all while discussing how to solve the problems you are facing today with subject matter experts and peer users.

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