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CUG est un groupe dédié aux clients Cloudera et utilisateurs intéressés par les solutions Cloudera, pour networker, échanger autour des best practices de la plateforme et ses composants : Cloudera Impala, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Navigator, Spark & Kudu. Zéro pitch commercial, mais des talks techniques présentés par nos solutions architects Cloudera, Clients et Partenaires.

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Rapidly Build an AI-driven Expense Processing Microservice with a No-code UI

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Discover how you can quickly leverage the no-code NiFi UI to design flows for processing expense receipts with AWS Textract AI service and how to run them in a serverless compute environment with Cloudera DataFlow Functions on AWS Lambda service.

In this meetup, we want to expose a microservice to help people dealing with expense receipts by automatically extracting information such as the total amount, the transaction date, etc, using the AI-based OCR service AWS Textract. Using the no-code Apache NiFi UI, we will build a data flow expecting captures of receipts and extracting related information. This data flow will be served as an API via AWS Lambda with AWS Gateway as a trigger to initiate the processing. Finally, we will have a ready to use API that could be leveraged in a mobile application to automatically process receipts and help filing expense reports.

We also want to highlight the recently released new Cloudera runtime, DataFlow Functions, to help developers accelerate and reliably deploy NiFi flows in serverless compute environments such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions. This runtime is optimized for event-driven, microservices, and batch job type use cases, for example: resizing images for multiple mediums, files processing or running scheduled operations. We will also cover the key benefits of developing NiFi flows with the no-code visual designer to accelerate development, testing, and deployment – all within the context of the demo.


  • Step-by-step microservice demo walkthrough
  • Overview of the new Cloudera DataFlow Functions runtime optimized for short-lived, event-driven use cases
  • Showcase development and deployment of NiFi flows using a no-code, self-service visual flow designer

Pierre Villard is the Director of Product Management for Data in Motion at Cloudera in charge of all the products around Apache NiFi and its subprojects like NiFi Registry, MiNiFi, etc. He has been active in the Apache NiFi project for the last 7 years. He is a committer and a member of the project management committee. Pierre is also known for his many blogs about Apache NiFi, writing about different use cases, especially for NiFi installation, monitoring, and best practices. You can find Pierre presenting Apache NiFi in conferences like the ApacheCon and many meetups in Europe because he resides in Paris, France. Before joining Cloudera, Pierre worked at Google and Hortonworks, where he helped customers develop solutions on-premises and in the cloud by using many technologies, including Apache NiFi.

This is still a tricky time for public gatherings, but Future of Data is committed to providing great tech content & facilitating discussions in the streaming data space. Our group in London, England is holding this event; in order to do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19's BA.5, BA.4.6 and BQ.1 variants, this will be an exclusively online event originating in Central European Standard Time (GMT+1; the event time displayed on this page will reflect your equivalent local time). Many of our "sister" Future of Data groups across Europe are carrying the webcast of this virtual event because we thought it might be of interest to our wider membership (you are welcome to sign up for it here).

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