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Harmonizing the Five Elements: Restore the Jing Qi and enjoy renewed vitality.
We're learning to enjoy the moment we are in. We're training ourselves to Relax in the world just as it is and just as it is not. In harmony with the wisdom of the Dao, we intend to embody this transformative dance with the infinite and experience the Joy of the flow of Yin and Yang. In so doing, we claim our own happiness, well being and Power. Our simple practices awaken this commitment with each new day. The Five Elements have so much to teach us about living in Harmony with Nature, one another and ourselves. We will learn each Element in it's Season starting with the Autumn. For each season there are movements, Qi Walks, self message techniques and meditation practices. Together we will practice owning our own happiness, well being and Courage. It's easy and I promise we'll have fun.

Art of Healing

218 N. Cloverdale Blvd · Cloverdale, CA


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This group explores the secrets of the internal power & longevity as proven by the science of Biomechanics, Sacred Geometry and Vacuum Physics. Grand Master Greg Yau and Christina Kook illuminate the ancient teachings of Qigong using Sacred geometry and modern physics. The exercises are relevant and essential in contemporary times. We learn moving meditation and breathing exercises that boost vitality and assist people recovering from injury, illness and pain to regain strength and feel great again. Come play Qigong with us on Saturdays and learn to align the body mind with spirit and use movement and conscious intent to • Connect with nature • Renew a sense of inner peace and personal power

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