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The End of the Read-Only Internet

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Web 2.0 refers to a system of communication between a website and client, offering a faster experience by making webpages stateful (as opposed to stateless i.e. Web 1.0). The next step of the web stack, web 3.0, is to provide not only a stateful application, but any number of interacting stateful applications together, not unlike an operating system, and, crucially, under the users control. This talk will cover this new concept, starting from what we've had, considering we have, and ending on what will be, in the near future.

About the speaker:

James Robey is a computer science researcher and founder of DOMAlgebra, LLC, a company founded to organize efforts into next generation Social Computing™. A lifelong programming enthusiast, he obtained a BS in CS from the University of Maryland before ten years in the industry working on everything from content management systems to iPad applications for avionics. He particularly enjoys working in Python, Javascript, and Objective-C, before finding a calling in securing social media for the world's non-technical users. When he's not coding, he's walking around aimlessly reading books on his phone, spending time with his wife, or making new friends in Dallas over the summer, before returning to Colorado.


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