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Cyclists who love to use their bike as a means to means to travel, explore, stay fit, socialize, learn, eat, drink and be merry. Our Club Ciclismo meet ups range from a 20 mile bike ride to a 50 mile Sunday morning jaunt to an evening of Latin Jazz (to talk about our next bike tour) to a photography talk where we explore the next destination on our Bike Tour bucket list. If you have a been on a Ciclismo Classico bicycle tour, our events are an opportunity to keep the bike travel energy alive!


A big part of the Ciclismo magic is the spirit of fun and camaraderie that characterizes all our trips, and we believe in keeping that spirit alive long after the journey itself has come to an end. We host numerous events throughout the year and always love to see members of our extended Ciclismo family. Whether you’ve traveled with us, know someone who has, or are considering taking a Ciclismo trip in the future, please join us for one of these special meet up events.

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The 25th Annual Jingle Ride!

Meet at Kick Stand Cafe

Virtual Bike Tour of Southern, NH

Needs a location

Lunchtime Loop to Concord Center

Meet at Kick Stand Cafe

Real Food Portables to fuel your Real-World Cycling

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