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If you don't want to have to pass as an extrovert in order to have a social life, then this group is for you!

Are you saddled with an active brain, a healthy dose of cynicism, a great sense of humor with a sharp wit (which may even border on being, um, unconventional at times) (and maybe even some acerbic sarcasm, too), a bit of shyness, possibly a latent mental disorder or two, some good old fashioned baggage, and are perchance stuck between arrogance and lacking self-confidence? Do others see you as aloof but, in reality, you know deep down you're awesome but you just can't bear the thought of trying to convince others when they should really just 'get' you?*

I started this group because introverts get a bad rep for being 'shy' and 'antisocial' and other negative stereotypes when that is often not the case (but that's not to say that the shy and antisocial aren't perfectly welcome here, man! I'm prone to both myself…). We might be a little laid back, but we still love to make new friends, hang out and have a great time. This group is a safe place for introverts to socialize and to celebrate the wonderful people that we are. We live in a world where extroversion is the norm, and being an introvert in a largely extroverted world is not easy. We'd like to meet others like ourselves, but we're all busy reading a good book, watching a movie, biking, walking, avoiding people (I doubt I'm the only one who's made plans to do just that!), creating art or doing whatever else it is that brings us joy, often by ourselves or with just one or a couple of other good friends or family members.

Are you into jokes and laughter, learning new skills, festivals, movies, coffee shops and conversation, but tired of doing it all alone or being let down by others (in a myriad of ways)?*

Do you prefer a laid-back atmosphere over a noisy, boisterous one? Coffee shops over bars and clubs? Do you dislike small talk, but enjoy substantive conversations? I will try to schedule events and activities that will appeal to thoughtful, laid-back people. You are all welcome to host your own meetup(s) as well, but there is no pressure to host. All hosting requires is making sure everyone can find the group. There is no obligation at all to 'play host'…if there were, I'd be in big trouble! If you are interested, just email the details to me and I will put it up on the calendar. All I ask is that, with the odd exception, the groups are kept small.

You will have the opportunity to make new friends and/or date others who think and act like you. Who knows, perhaps some solid friendships will come out of this.

Oh, and by the way - although this is a "social" group, it will always be acceptable to be, well, introverted here. If you want to sit quietly or go off alone or in a small group at an event, or if you get to that point where "I've had enough, and it's time to go", it will NEVER be considered "anti-social" or "rude" in this group. And I hope that goes for me as well.

*Always one to give credit where credit is due, I took inspiration from (okay, fine, I blatantly and shamelessly ripped off) the Anti-Social Social (ASS) Club (https://www.meetup.com/theassgroup/) in Columbia, MD. Thanks again, Jeff!

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