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Building your CONFIDENCE from within!

OUR VISION is to promote positive growth and communication excellence in a relaxed, organized and supportive environment.

We lived in a fast-paced society where everything is done in a rush, rush manner.
A tough businessman would not listen long so will your kids, as they rather you-tube or hang on the internet or their phone. Time constraint is a concern when it comes to communications

I have seen careers rise and fall on the spoken word.

The employee who cant communicate effectively does not get a raise.
The boss cant get his points across losses the cooperation of his employees.
The salesman who cant stop talking does not make the sale.
The politician who says too little, too long or not get his point across does not get elected.

Well, the good news is being able to communicate effectively, persuasively and concisely can be learned through OUR Speaking club or our Speech workshop.

One of the Best way to prepare yourself for any number of audiences is through the practice in a safe, supportive and nourishing environment which our club offers.

Since May 1, 1984, our Positive Expressions Toastmaster Club was Chartered and has helped many within our Vancouver communities and our friends to built their confident from within.

We are proud to operates as a Distinguished Club continuously since 2005!

With our supportive environment and members, we have helped Vancouver communities and its residents to continue to gain confidence from within.

Come and join us...
EVERY Monday 7:15 - 9:15pm
(except public Holiday)
Top Floor of Le Centre at 1551 West 7th Ave, in Vancouver, BC.
between Granville and Fir; above French cafe restaurant

JOIN US to improve your listening, thinking and speaking skills. We also offer leadership and teamwork building opportunities in a fun supportive and growth oriented environment. DROP IN to our meeting!

EVERY Meeting Role has a purpose to further exercise your communication\leadership skills.

Chair - Learn to organize and lead meeting
Table Topics Master - Learn to lead, ask concise question and help impromptu practice
Evaluator - Learn effective listening, thinking,impromptu writing and presentation skills
Timer - Learn time management
Grammarian - Learn to use word effectively
Ah-counter - Learn to avoid filter words that distract from the essence of your speech
Impromptu Speaker - Learn to think on your feet
Prepared Speaker - Exercise preparation and presentation skills

Check out our SPEECH WORKSHOP benefits

A fun, focus and educational course that offers the basics of how anyone can
> override your fear of public speaking
> provide constructive feedback and evaluations other
> be a better communicator
> how to motivate others as leaders
> how to run effective meeting
> how to give powerful presentations
> enhance your interview skills
> improve your salesmanship and performance
> and much, much more...

Check us out at https://www.facebook.com/PEToastmasters

2012-Present Club Mentor
2010-11 President of Positive Expressions
2010-11 Division E Governor
Fall 2010 Conference Education Chair
tm_cindychan@yahoo.ca or (604)716-6486

Enclosed, I would like to share with you my Toastmaster Journey...

My Impossible Dream
By DTM CINDY, June 2010

I have a dream, a millionaire Dream.
I dreamt to be rich and I dreamt to be free!
I have a dream, a Toastmaster dream.
I dreamt to be heard and I dreamt to be seen!

I wanted to learn and to communicate
I wanted to lead and to motivate
I wanted to inspire and to share my TM dream; my impossible dream!

I started as a shaker
Trembling my way to be a speaker
I said to myself, can’t you a thinker?
What are you thinking to be a speaker? (lol)

Yet speaking gave me confidence.
Now I am proud to be a competent communicator!
Leadership is another challenge
As communication is only part of the equation

So I stepped up as an officer
Only wanted to learn, only wanted to lead
To motivate, to spire and to share my TM dream

Being Area Governor gave me courage
To learn, to lead and to communicate
An opportunity to shape and to crystallize my impossible dream.

I started ONLY as ESL
Wanting to learn and to be confident
TM as non-profit organization
Since 1924 has helped thousands.

We all want to achieve goals
To be great communicators and great leaders
To be like Obama and Peter (legge)
TM charge pennies and is known with endless possibilities.

ThIS Year, I had stepped up to SERVE the E division.
For especially Richmond and for my ESL students
They reminded me of my dreams
To grow and to be a better person .

Public speaking is a CAN learn skill
at your own pace, at your own will and wish.
Not everyone is like me, energetic like a bee.
Not everyone is like you as unique as you can be.
In fact, no one is like everyone as beautiful a human as one can be.

Come learn at your own pace
Come grow at your own wish
Come lead your own dream, your impossible dream.

My dream is to motive
My dream is to inspire
My dream is to share and to encourage your goals and also your dreams.

Oh YES, I see my light at RED
And I don’t want to be clapped.
So I thank you to you, my dear audience
For listening to my dream, my impossible dream!

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