Property Based Testing & Full-stack Templating with WebSharper

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Meetup schedule:
6:30 - arrival of participants + snacks
7:00 - Florin Bunau - Replacing Unit tests with Generator driven tests (a.k.a property based testing)
7:40 - Adam Granicz - Full-stack Templating with WebSharper 4.0
8:40 - networking

Title: Replacing Unit tests with Generator driven tests (a.k.a property based testing)

Where does the data in our unit tests come from ? is eyeballing the corner cases good enough ? is "foobar" really a test string ?
A short presentation on how we can transition from hardcoded data to functions that generate data, and cover all the input domain of our tested code.

Examples will be provided in Scala using ScalaTest and ScalaCheck, but the concepts are can be applied to any stack.

About Florin Bunau:
Florin is a passionate software engineer and FP practitioner in Scala. He also spends time tinkering in VR and preparing for the AI revolution.

Title: Full-stack Templating with WebSharper 4.0

In this talk, Adam will present various use cases for the upcoming WebSharper 4.0’s powerful full-stack templating engine to build markup-driven F# web applications easier than ever. You will learn how to construct reactive, template-based markup both on the server and client side, and how F# metaprogramming helps to keep your types in order. These and other tricks will give you a solid foundation and will jumpstart your productivity for your next WebSharper projects to come.

About Adam Granicz: He is a 7x F# MVP and the author of 5 F# books, key F# community member and evangelist, and a regular speaker at developer conferences and workshops. Next to heading IntelliFactory, the F# company specializing in functional web and cloud applications and developer tools, he advocates the use of functional programming in industry. You can follow him on Twitter @granicz, or find him on FPish, the largest online functional programming community.