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In our gathering, we will practice using our ability to experience and co-create in the NOW the New Earth we've felt as possible for All. When thought and emotion align with pure Source Light Love, using our feeling ability to access and merge with the spark of creative Source/God/Creative Intelligence energy in our hearts and feeling ability, anything we want to create is possible! This inner technology, shared in wisdom traditions for thousands of years, is accessible to all of us, and now is the time to gather together with others and use this creative ability in a unified field.

Two parameters to our creation: It must be in alignment with Source and Divine Will, and be of Service and the highest good of All (Gaia and humanity).

New Earth is Unity Consciousness, so as we gather together and unify our hearts, we are creating New Earth. As we feel and experience New Earth in this now moment, we pull that future into the now, quickening the awakening for All and seeing how we can live, act and support the movement into New Earth right now.

**In our gathering, we will not discuss the Cabal, Disclosure, political/social/environmental problems etc. that focus on what’s bad, wrong or needs to be fixed. In our gathering we choose to focus on the New Earth we see created Here and Now, and how we can be, see, support, serve and act in that New Earth Now.

Come as you are - boldy and courageously in the face of any fears or doubts (Little ol' me is "high vibe" enough? Yes, you are!). Not taking ourselves so seriously (including any doubts or judgments that may arise!), let's have fun, connection and love be present. We create a loving safe space to support, share and encourage each other in our personal experiences, insights or challenges for the last part of our gathering.

Space in limited in my small home. Please only RSVP if your heart (or gut or wherever you get that hit!) sings a resounding resonant "Yes!!"