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ならば、Coworking Creatives Clubのイベントにぜひ参加してみてください!




★ Do you want to make art but have difficulty making time?
★ Do you want to chat with fellow creators ?
★ Do you want to make art in a different environment?

Then come join a Co-Creatives Club event!

This group is for artists, designers, and crafters who want to create art while chatting with fellow creators. Participants are often working during the week, so events are usually held on evenings, weekends, and holidays. CCC events are theme-free, and the only restrictions are that your tools and artwork are appropriate to the vendor. Examples of easy-to-use media include…

● Digital Art
● Pencil
● Pen
● Colored Pencil
● Watercolor
● Marker
● Model-Making
● Origami
● Embroidering
● Paper Craft
● Clay
● Jewelry Making

I will usually be renting a meeting space for events, so the standard participation fee will be ¥1000 per participant.

Looking forward to making art with you!

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第4回 自由にアートを作りましょう! Let’s make art in Shibuya!

渋谷でアートを作りましょう! //English Description Below// アプリのバグと自分の確認不足で、イベント時間が間違われてましたから、再度正しい情報でアップします!23日になりますね! 週末は家だけでもったいない!渋谷のおしゃれな会議室、アーティスト仲間と会話しながら作品を作りましょう!今回のイベント場所は、前回と同じく、渋谷駅から歩いて5分にあるコワーキングスペース「宮益坂会議室」で行います。 東京都渋谷区渋谷[masked]号室(入口の写真はギャリーにあります。着いたら玄関から403号室までかけてください。) ★個室レンタル代がありますので、イベント参加費は1人¥1000になります。 ★テーブルを汚す可能性がある画材(絵の具、チャコールなど)を使う場合は、テーブルにひくための新聞を持ってきてください。 初心者からプロまで、誰でもWelcome! 自分の画材を持ってきて、作品テーマなしの3時間イベントになります。 ※途中で参加しても、帰っても構いませんが、スペースは15:15~18:00にしか使えません。 サボらないように、17:30より軽く作品プレゼンをします(一人、2~5分程度) 人数限定ですので、参加できなくなった場合はすぐにお知らせください。 (連絡なしで不参加のユーザーはしばらくグリープからブロックさせていただきます。) ご一緒にアートを作るのがお楽しみにしています! Due to an app bug and my failure to double-check, the last event was listed for the incorrect date. I am reposting with the correct information! Staying at home all weekend is a waste! Let’s get together with fellow artists and create art and conversation! This time, we will hold our CCC event at the same location as our 3rd event, Miyamasuzaka Meeting Space, a spacious working space 5 minutes from Shibuya station. [masked] Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Room 403 Photos of the entrance are posted to the gallery. Please call up to room 403 from the entrance and I will unlock the door for you. ★Because there is a fee to rent the space, there is a ¥1000 fee to participate in this event. ★If you plan to use materials that may dirty the tables (paints, charcoals, etc) please bring newspaper to lay down on your table! Anybody is welcome, from beginners and hobbyists to professionals! Bring your own art supplies and ideas, and let’s make art! *You can join at any time, but we have the space from 3:15pm until 6pm. In order to support productivity, at 5:30pm we will each give a small (2-3 minute) presentation of the work we created. This time, the group is limited to 12 creators. Not showing up prevents others from participating, so if you are unable to make it, please let the group know in advance. (Participants who are no-shows will be temporarily blocked from the group.) I’m looking forward to creating art with you!

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