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ならば、Coworking Creatives Clubのイベントにぜひ参加してみてください!




★ Do you want to make art but have difficulty making time?
★ Do you want to chat with fellow creators ?
★ Do you want to make art in a different environment?

Then come join a Co-Creatives Club event!

This group is for artists, designers, and crafters who want to create art while chatting with fellow creators. Participants are often working during the week, so events are usually held on evenings, weekends, and holidays. CCC events are theme-free, and the only restrictions are that your tools and artwork are appropriate to the vendor. Examples of easy-to-use media include…

● Digital Art
● Pencil
● Pen
● Colored Pencil
● Watercolor
● Marker
● Model-Making
● Origami
● Embroidering
● Paper Craft
● Clay
● Jewelry Making

I will usually be renting a meeting space for events, so the standard participation fee will be ¥1000 per participant.

Looking forward to making art with you!

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