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*** Please read all of this before joining ***

Welcome to Co Ed Intermediate CHILL Soccer, a laid-back, intermediate-level game for players of all genders. Unlike most pickup games, we emphasize friendly, inclusive and non-aggressive play. Our goal is for everyone to have a good time, get a decent workout and go home (or to the pub) injury-free.

This group might not be for you if you are:

• Absolutely bursting with competitive energy or aggression.

• A very advanced/college-level player. Advanced players are welcome as long you follow the rules and uphold the spirit of the group (i.e. you are not a dick). If you’re joining us as an advanced player, think of yourself as a mentor and try to improve the game for everyone. Don’t come because you’re looking for a game where you can dribble past people easily.

• A complete beginner. We try to welcome everyone, but if you’re totally new to the sport then this game probably won’t be very fun for you. We encourage you to check out the Prospect Park Pickup Soccer meetup group, which is a good place to learn the basics.


• No dangerous, aggressive or overly physical play. This includes slide tackling of course, but also no shoving, pulling or grabbing. Keep contact of all kinds to a minimum. We understand that accidents happen, but you should slow it down enough to avoid them as much as possible. If you can’t do that then this is not the group for you.

• Don’t be a jerk. Don’t yell at or get angry with your teammates for making mistakes. Don’t get overly competitive in general. There are no prizes for winning.

• Include everyone equally. Pass to all players on your team. Don’t discriminate based on gender or how skilled you think someone is. Don’t stop passing to someone because they made a mistake.

• Don’t be a ball hog. We play a passing game. In particular, if you’re a more advanced player, use your skill to contribute to your team’s passing game instead of dominating the game.

• We rotate positions so everyone gets a chance to play defense/midfield/forward. Do not try to monopolize your favorite position; we don’t care that you’re a really great inverted left winger. When you’re playing a position, actually play that position and don’t encroach on your teammates.

• Don’t just sit in front of your team’s goal. Don’t camp by the other team’s goal.

• If you RSVP, you must show up. You can change your RSVP up until 2 hours before the game.

• If you haven't RSVP'd via Meetup, then you can't play. No exceptions whatsoever.

• Don’t use your hands.

We’re very serious about keeping this a fun, inclusive and safe group. People who violate the rules or create a bad atmosphere will be suspended. Repeat violators will be banned. If you come to one of our meetups and it’s not a good experience, please reach out to one of the organizers. We’ll want to know what happened and what we can be doing better.

How to join

If this sounds like the kind of game you're looking for then we welcome you to join us and RSVP for some of our games!

The only requirements for joining are that you have a profile pic with a clear photo of your face so we know who you are when you show up, and that you answer the profile questions. We won't approve your membership until you do both of these.

See you on the field!

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