• An Evening Of Meditation, Food And Conversation

    Notting Hill


    We begin with a guided mediation to heal the body, calm the mind and elevate the spirit. At the end of the practice, we share in a deliciously prepared meal, comprised of simple and seasonal ingredients. Finally, we kick back on the sofas and take part in an evening salon conversation on the topic of (self)compassion, empathy and self-esteem. Timetable Arrival: 7:30pm start Osho meditation: 7:45pm start Dinner and conversation: 9pm start End of evening: 11:30pm till late Where are we meeting? At my flat in Notting Hill. Once, we receive your reservation, you will get a confirmation email with the exact address. Dinner Menu Starter: salad (grated beetroot, spinach, avocado, walnut, gorgonzola with lemon vinaigrette) Main: creamy mushroom, leek and chestnut pie Side: vegetables (french beans, mange tout, hazelnuts, orange and garlic) Dessert: fruit, nuts and cheese Drinks: wine and herbal tea Dinner will be accompanied by a selection of instrumental and electronic music. Our evening salon conversation presents us with the following questions and context surrounding them. Conversation Menu In business, social media and popular culture, self-esteem is praised as a remedy for individual ills and social problems. So much so that damaging someone else’s self-esteem today is often perceived as a crime synonymous to abuse. Four decades now into the self-esteem movement and what can be honestly said about it? Wealth, culture, religion and childhood experiences all contribute to how we feel about ourselves and others. And self-thought plays a huge part in our flourishing and wellbeing.​ Is there a difference between self-esteem and self-compassion? Which is most effective for improved morality and personal fulfilment? Is it possible to be driven but also pursue inner peace? ​ There is a sense that we are devoting too much attention to those we love and not enough energy to those in need and that this comes down to empathy. Is there a dark, divisive side to empathy? Can our empathy become weaponised to foster certain political agendas? What procedures could help guide us where needs are greatest in the world? ​ As machines become more advanced, we might see it necessary for them to have some sort of morality. Would AI capable of empathy be a good or a bad thing? What moral laws should govern AI for it to perform the way we want it to? With machines possessing human semblance, do we run the risk of attributing empathy to them when they might not even have such attributes? You can bring a plus one. We will provide you with the location upon booking confirmation. If you can't make it, don't worry. There will be future salons available for you to chose from. Our events depend on your support. If you want to attend, sponsor us by with a £10 cash donation. This will help pay towards housekeeping and catering expenses. Please arrive on time. If for whatever reason you're having to leave early or cancel, let us know at least 24 hours in advance so as to not compromise the overall experience.