• What is Love? (baby don't hurt me)

    Notting Hill

    Our ideas about love are deeply personal, based on our experiences and lessons learnt. Whatever your thoughts; a heartfelt opinion, an undealt concern, this is your chance to share some of your understanding about love so that new and interesting conversations can emerge. During this salon, we will decode and unravel some of the untold truths about love, with the following questions: o Romantics draw a set of notions about love and what we should expect. What valuable advice can romantics give for long-lasting relationship success? Are romantic principles part of our day-to-day reality or is our belief system governed by something else? o In an age of increased sexual freedom, democracy and gender equality, what can be said about modern day families and the nature of love? Are love and freedom even compatible? o Have prevalent dating technologies shifted love towards a "click & pick" pursuit of happiness or is it more about a calculated approach to love? Our trial salons depend on your donation. If you attend, sponsor us on your way out with an amount of your choosing. This will help pay towards housekeeping and catering expenses. You can bring a plus one. Love doctors if you want! Just remember to send us their name, surname and email address for our guest list. We will provide you with the location upon booking confirmation.