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What we're about

Co-op Complete is a weekly meeting dedicated to working on your software project. Think of it like a study hall. Or a hackathon.

It is easy to have an idea for a project. Sometimes it is even easy to get started. But it is really hard to finish anything. Often the best way to make progress is by establishing accountability around a consistent practice. Co-op Complete is aspiring to do this by having weekly meetings (preferably in-person) with like-minded people who have or want to help with a project.

What kind of projects?

The projects that most people are working on vary in their scope and their goals - anything from a tech demo to a website, to a full fledge app. A few folks are working on a mobile app for food, one guy is building a website for his wife’s baking business, someone else was trying to put together a tech demo for Java annotation library.

For each project we usually ask two questions:

• What is the end goal? (tech demo, full application, something for your resume)

• What is your next milestone? (plan architecture, learn about new component, finish specific functionality, fix bug)

I'm not a programmer but I've got this awesome idea/business/startup. Can you guys help me find a programmer to build it?


Co-op complete is a venue to help developers work on their projects and learn. It is not a venue for folks to recruit for their startup or find someone to build their website.

That said, it is 100% OK to come and not have a particular project that you’re working on – someone may be looking for help on their project!

Is this a social meetup?

Yes and No. The meeting is social and we love to meet new folks and hear about their projects. But we are trying to have the majority of the time be focused on project work. For a lot of software engineers this is the only dedicated time of the week they have to work on personal coding projects so we want to try to make that time as valuable as possible.

Will there be scheduled talks about technical topics?

There may be occasional demos but we are not planning on having any talks.

How do the meetings work?

Typically we start with a 5-10 minute stand-up meeting ( where everyone can give a brief (30-seconds or less) update on their project. This is also an opportunity for a new person to briefly introduce themselves and indicate what they’re working on. During the stand-up limited feedback is welcome but we try to keep it short so folks can spend a majority of their time working on their project.

After the stand-up we split up so folks can work on their project in whatever way is most productive. This is also an opportunity to give or solicit additional feedback or assistance about a project.
We currently meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in an office space just north of Galleria mall.

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