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If you're co-parenting with someone who is difficult to be in relationship with, has qualities of narcissim, personality disorders, or uses gaslighting, this group is for you.

The purpose of this group is not to complain or bad-mouth your co-parent, rather to connect, gain peer support, learn techniques for managing the difficult relationship and ideas for supporting your children as they, and you, navigate the twists and turns of life with a high-conflict person.

Group will be held once a month, in person, and will provide the opportunity to talk about important topics for parents. A topic will be suggested at each group meeting to avoid getting stuck in the maze of complaining. The goal is to learn from each other, practice new skills, share things that work so that you can support your child and stay as calm as possible.

I am a child and family therapist and have worked with many parents and children who are forging ahead in healthy and predictable relationships, despite the challenges of having a high-conflict co-parent. This group is not a therapy group, rather, an opportunity to be with others who 'get it' and learn some new ideas and techniques for being the best you and the best parent you can be. Come join us!

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